Five reasons to road trip Scotland

Five reasons to road trip Scotland


Image Credit: McSporran Photography


Video by Rough Guides


Scotland is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking places on the planet, and well known for it. The scenery is spectacular, the people are friendly, the whisky and beer is fine and the food is delicious. The only thing that’s not great is the weather, but we can’t have it all!

The best and easiest way to explore the beauty of Scotland is by road, where you can soak in the landscape and nature. This video by Greg Dickinson, co-author of The Rough Guide To Scotland, documents the North Coast 500 route, which is just over 500 miles and circles the entire North Highlands.

It’s basically a road trip that goes around the bit of Scotland, that nobody normally goes to, so there’s some hidden gems to be found. Inverness, Ullapool, Durness and John O’ Groats are the 4 cardinal point of the route, and it’s a simply incredible road trip.


Here are 5 reasons to road trip Scotland


1. Nature

The main reason to go on a road trip around Scotland would be to get back to nature. You’ll see some of Britain’s most epic landscapes. Tumbling rivers, remote glens which turn purple in the Summer. Really deep, dark lochs on the West Coast, snow-capped sugarloaf mountains. It really is one of the most beautiful landscapes that you’ll ever see.

2. Wild Camping

In Scotland, you can go wild camping. You can just make a fire, and you can camp wherever you want, and just fall asleep there looking at the stars. In fact, all of Scotland is peppered with bothies, they’re like bunkhouses, you can just go in and sleep for a night or 2 at no cost. They’re really good for basing yourself in the proper wilds of Scotland. So it does offer that real sense of impromptu adventure.

3. Whisky, Beer & Food

Obviously, Scotland is known for its whisky, and particularly in the Highlands, this is real whisky country. There are over 100 distilleries up here, but recently there’s been loads of really, really high-quality microbreweries opening up. You can often just pop in and say “Hey, I’m interested” and they’ll just give you a quick tour, give you a taster, and you can be on your way.

4. Explore The Islands

Another highlight of taking a road trip around Scotland would be to explore the neighbouring isles. There are 790 islands off Scotland, and around 60 or 70 of those are inhabited. So you can just get a boat out to one of these, and just go and explore.

5. Beaches

The beaches up there, people compare to the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and it lives up to all of the hype. You’ll look out the window, and you’ll just see this white sand beach, with turquoise waters, and they’re often completely deserted. You can walk down, and you’ll have the whole thing to yourself. So if you’re looking for complete, ultimate adventure, this is the place to go.


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